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“There are in fact two things, science and opinion; the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance”


Academic Foundation Programme

The academic strand of foundation training provides the opportunity to achieve core clinical competences alongside a research and academic curriculum. The aim of the academic foundation programme is to combine clinical training with the opportunity for trainees to develop skills and knowledge in research to equip them for future training for an academic career. There is further information on the national Foundation Programme website.

Structure of the Oxford Academic Foundation Programme

Academic Foundation Programmes provide foundation doctors an opportunity to develop additional and valuable skills in research, teaching and management whilst completing the core competencies outlined in the curriculum.

With countless groups excelling in high quality, cutting edge research, it was easy for him to identify research areas that he found interesting.
- Dr Sandy Douglas

Oxford’s Academic Foundation Programme consists of a Foundation Year 1 (FY1), three four-month clinical rotations with one day a week protected academic time during one of the rotations. In FY2 most trainees spend four months in a mix of specialties providing acute and non acute experience. All trainees will have protected research time, for some this will be a dedicated 4 month academic placement and others will have different time allocations and distribution depending on the specialty.

Each academic trainee will have an academic mentor who will develop a personalised programme, based on the academic curriculum and on research interests. All the major academic departments of the University are keen to offer mentors, the Foundation Training Programme Director and the Foundation School Director will give advice where needed.

During the programme academic trainees prepare and present a grand round, participate regularly at journal clubs, undertake case presentations as well as conducting research and having access to a wide variety of research training courses. There are also opportunities for academic trainees wishing to undertake more training in medical education to pursue this during their two year programme. There is more information about the wealth of excellent training options and the stimulating environment we offer on the 'Why Oxford' page of the website.

Please see the 'How to apply' page for application details.




Profile of an Academic Foundation Doctor

Dr Sandy Douglas

Sandy applied for the Academic Foundation Programme a year before finishing Medical School. He found the prospect of finding a supervisor and outlining a research proposal for a short project more than two years away both exciting and slightly daunting.
Read Sandy's full profile

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