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Examples of research areas which our foundation doctors have chosen to work in

Recent projects


Delayed-type hypersensitivity (DTH) reactions of the skin and drug development

Developing a framework to guide researchers on how to use the DTH response in drug development


The Oxford Quantification in Parkinsonism (OxQUIP) project

Designing a tool to diagnose and monitor symptoms in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy


Working with the Global Anaesthesia Group 

A qualitative project working with co-investigators in Zambia and Somaliland


Paediatric neurosurgery and COVID-19 projects

Working with Mercy Ships and on lung ultrasound in intensive care for COVID-19 patients


Working with the Human Cell Atlas Project

Experience working with a multi-national collaboration project


Global surgery and surgical education research

Determinants of clubfoot management and the role of virtual and augmented reality in surgical and patient education

Quality of reporting in dermatological literature

Analysing the reporting of clinician surveys 


Mobile health applications

Developing a mobile application for health and care workers to share patient information via smartphone.


Intensive care databases and international comparative research

Survival and care practices within Intensive Care, and mortality rates for a range of diseases over time and internationally. 


Primary Health Care research 

Experiences from the Behavioural Medicine Group