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Project Leader: Dr Ahmed Yousuf, Academic Clinical Fellow

During his Academic Clinical Fellowship (ACF), Ahmed will be looking at ultrasound markers of successful pleurodesis in people with malignant pleural effusion. Up to 50% of people with metastatic cancer will develop pleural effusion. The aim of TALC pleurodesis (injecting sclerosants such as TALC slurry into pleural space to adhere the linings of the lung together) is to reduce the chances of fluid   re-accumulation. During his research block Ahmed will be looking for certain ultrasound markers that will allow clinicians to identify patients whose pleurodesis has been successful and can be discharged home earlier than the current practice. The research team will also take blood and pleural fluid samples and store them at Biobank for future research.

October 2014

Photo credit: Cea. via photopin cc unchanged