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Project Leader: Dr Zita-Rose Manjaly-Thomas, Clinical DPhil Student

During her ACF, Zita was involved in a trial where the candidate TB vaccine, MVA85A was delivered to humans by aerosol for the first time. The data from this pilot trial suggests that the aerosol route of vaccination is promising and also that combining different routes of vaccination could possibly make boosting with the same vaccine more potent. The initial pilot trial has now been published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases. 

An on-going trial which is Zita’s DPhil project now addresses the question of whether immunising twice with MVA85A by combining different routes can improve MVA85A further.

Developing the aerosol route of vaccination would be an important development for the development of aerosolised TB vaccines but also for new vectored vaccines for RSV, universal influenza and a range of bacterial respiratory pathogens. 

October 2014

PP Manjaly project pic 1