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Clinical DPhil (2009)

Pathway to a Clinical DPhil

Anna has been interested in research since she completed a science project one summer whilst she was still at school. Stimulating her interest further, Anna undertook an epidemiological project which resulted in a publication as part of her elective. As she came to the end of her Senior House Officer training, Anna began to make enquiries about the research opportunities in infectious diseases, her field of interest. Initially Anna struggled to find funding for a particular project in a small research group. However, she changed direction and joined a larger, more established research group which she believes was key in her success in obtaining a Clinical Research Fellowship from the Medical Research Council. 

What does the work involve?

Anna is researching the immunological aspects of malaria vaccines. Using molecular biology techniques such as cloning target malarial proteins into viral vectors, Anna is able to subsequently examine the immune response to these new putative vaccine antigens. Anna regularly attends journal clubs and lab meetings within her group, as well as Oxford DPhil seminars. Anna is working towards a first author publication and has presented her research at immunology and malaria conferences. Aside from her research, Anna also works in a bi-monthly specialist tuberculosis/respiratory clinic. Although unrelated to her research, this opportunity allows Anna to continue her role as a clinician. 

Why Oxford?

Anna was already in Oxford when she applied for her clinical DPhil funding. Oxford is also home to several large, well established research groups, including the group within which Anna conducts her research. Despite a difficult first year acclimatising to a purely laboratory based project, Anna can recommend clinical research.