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UCL and the University of Birmingham will this year join OUCAGS in a census of clinical doctoral students. The aim is to find out about the students’ career plans, what influences them, and how clinical academic careers may be facilitated.

Clinical doctoral students will, at the end of their programme, be highly-qualified clinicians who can make an unparalleled contribution to the future of medicine. However, little is known about their career plans, the place which clinical academia may or may not have in those plans, and what shapes them.

*To find out, OUCAGS initiated in 2013 its Clinical DPhil Paths study. The study continues until 2018 and will follow the trajectories of participants who enrolled at the University of Oxford between 2011 and 2014, as they complete their DPhils and take their first post-doctoral steps.

This year, UCL and the University of Birmingham are joining forces with OUCAGS. So, it will be possible to compare findings and draw up a wider picture of the intended career paths of clinical doctoral students across the three institutions.

Outcomes will be of interest nationally to those seeking to understand the place of the research degree in medical careers, and inform the approaches of medical schools to postdoctoral clinical academic careers.

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