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Dr Kamal Mahtani, GP Clinical Lecturer at the University of Oxford, is the winner of this year’s Yvonne Carter Award for outstanding new researcher. The award scheme is run by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) to support the international work of promising primary-care researchers.

Dr Kamal Mahtani’s award for outstanding new researcher reflects the leadership and impact which he is demonstrating, and provides funds towards his further development of an international network of primary-care practitioners.

In a post-award interview for the RCGP, Dr Mahtani outlined his plans for the award and also offered some advice for other new primary-care researchers:

  • Don’t do research for the sake of just doing research – ask questions that are genuinely relevant
  • Don’t work on your own – there is much to learn from others
  • The final outputs from your research should be more than a publication – think about other ways of disseminating your work
  • Don’t give up your clinical work – clinical and academic skills and experiences can complement each other
  • Have fun!

Read more about Dr Mahtani’s tips for GP researchers, and his plans for his award, on the RCGP’s website