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Women in Science is Oxford University’s new site featuring women scientists who are developing academic careers. The site provides an opportunity for visitors to explore a broad range of personal career experiences, which are shared in video interviews by female scientists, including many clinical academics.

The Women in Science project aims to support women in making career decisions by offering them the opportunity to explore a broad range of views and career paths, which other women share in video interviews.

The site features interviews with 39 women scientists, including numerous academic doctors, mainly working in the Medical Sciences Division at the University of Oxford.

Site visitors can both:

  • read about each woman scientist’s career and
  • browse video highlights by topic, to listen to different views on a same topic, such as obtaining funding, career progression, and work-life balance.

The project was funded by the Vice Chancellor’s Diversity Fund and supported by the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, the Radcliffe Department of Medicine, and the Medical Sciences Office.

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Image: screenshot from Women in Science website