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Dr Dominic Marshall

Academic Foundation Programme (2018)

What interested you about the AFP? 

I came to the programme with a background in research first acquired during my BSc degree in molecular and cellular biology and then continued during medical school. I was keen to continue research and gain more experience in clinical research. The AFP offered protected research time and support to develop my research skills.  

What does the work involve? 

I have had a fantastic experience during the AFP both in my clinical and academic work. During the FY1 I had one day per week during a 4-month rotation, this allowed me time and space to research the different groups I could work with in Oxford. It also allowed me to pursue online courses in biostatistics (which OUCAGS financially supported) and finish projects I had worked on as an undergraduate. As an FY2 I made contact early with the laboratory I wanted to work with. I used this time to plan the project and do preliminary work to ensure I could get off to a quick start when my research block began. The research block itself has been very valuable, 4 months of protected time to focus on research and build ideas for a PhD in the future.

I have also been involved in teaching for an Oxford College and obtained a formal teaching qualification. 

Why Oxford? 

The Oxford AFP was attractive because it offered the freedom and independence to identify my own research project and supervisor to work with. It also offered a small budget, support from a great team at OUCAGs and opportunities in a world leading institution.

How has the AFP shaped your future career plans? 

The AFP has been a great opportunity to extend my research experience with protected time and funding. It has also offered the opportunity to be part of a community of academics with whom I can discuss my research and opportunities to present my findings. My intention is to progress further in my clinical training prior to returning to academia to study for a PhD.

I have no regrets about choosing to enrol on the AFP.


August 2018