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ACF in Geriatrics

Dr George Harston (2009)

Pathway to an ACF position

George applied for his ACF position with little research experience, having not had the opportunity to conduct research since completing his medical training at the University of Cambridge. George had always had a keen interest in research, and believed that an ACF post would provide a gateway into Geriatric research

What does the work involve?

George’s ACF post is a 3 year post with the sandwich year in research, focusing on stroke medicine. Although his interest lies in geriatrics, it is a core medical training post which is reflected in his clinical rotations. During his first and third year, George will complete six four-month rotations in acute general medicine (twice), renal medicine, infectious diseases, haematology and gastroenterology. George attends regular seminars and during his year in research will also undergo formal research training.

Why Oxford?

The reputation of research excellence that Oxford holds was a key draw for George. He had also heard that the hospital was a friendly place to work, which happily he has found to be true! The quality of the stroke research and the size of the Geratology department also attracted George to Oxford.


What's next?

George hopes to gain funding for a clinical DPhil following the completion of his ACF post.


WHERE IS DR harston NOW?

George is currently a Clinical Lecturer in Geratology at the University of Oxford. 

September 2017