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Dr David Fawkner Corbett, ACF in Paediatric Surgery

Dr Jeremy Rodrigues, ACF in Plastic Surgery

ACF in Surgery - General

Dr Gurdeep Mannu (2014)

Pathway to an ACF position

Having had a keen interest in academia ever since my undergraduate studies at St. George’s, University of London, and King’s College London, I pursued this interest in the east of England deanery after graduating. Subsequently, the ACF programme was the natural progression and at each stage I have found my enthusiasm for the field increase exponentially. 

What does the work involve?

I have spent approximately two days per week (when not on on-call duties) pursing my research interests and the rest of the time undertaking my clinical commitments. The programme has offered flexibility and good training across a broad range of skills. Furthermore there is excellent support from the OUCAGs team and various events through the year to meet colleagues and learn about the various research activities undertaken by peers.

The ACF programme is challenging and requires careful time management and the ability to balance and prioritise a large number of commitments. However, that said, it offers an invaluable opportunity for those interested in such a career path. It allows the chance to develop ideas and gain important skills and expertise. It has reinforced my interest and allowed me to develop a research project for a DPhil.

Why Oxford?

Oxford has an international reputation for excellence and I was attracted by the lovely city centre and environment. The opportunity to teach highly motivated medical students was appealing and the deanery offers a highly supportive environment with senior researchers always happy to discuss and develop ideas.

August 2014