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Dr Robert Devlin (2010)

Pathway to an ACF position

Robert developed his interest in research in general and in Transplant Immunology and Clinical Transplantation in particular during his intercalated BSc in Immunobiology at Guy’s, King’s & St. Thomas’. To fulfil his dream of combining the two, Robert decided to set out on the Integrated Pathway and spend his two first postgraduate years as on the Academic Foundation Programme at Guy’s, King’s & St. Thomas’.

Robert enjoyed the stimulating and varied challenge of juggling his practical, surgical training whilst furthering his academic projects during his foundation years, and he decided to continue down the path and apply to the Academic Clinical Fellowship programme at Oxford.


What does the work involve?

Robert has rotated through Transplantation, Emergency and Vascular / UGI surgery during his first one and a half years on the ACF programme. When not in clinical training or the operating theatre, Robert spends a day or two each week in the lab conducting research. Alongside his clinical training and research, Robert has also chosen to teach 4th and 6th year medical students from Oxford’s medical school.

Robert’s research centres on immunological reactivity in the context of transplantations. He will present his research to NHS Blood and Transplant a part of their review of national policy on this point.

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Why Oxford?

To Robert, Oxford offered the ideal combination of academic excellence with an equal emphasis on education and research, and operative training. Particularly, the opportunity to teach highly motivated medical students from Oxford’s medical school made it the best choice. 

What's next? 

Robert’s exciting everyday work as a surgical academic trainee has confirmed his career choice, and he has decided to continue his academic training with a DPhil. He is now using his research on the Academic Clinical Fellowship programme to inform and improve his DPhil application.

And finally.....

Robert was awarded a Wellcome Clinical training Fellowship to undertake a DPhil when he completes his ACF post in 2011.