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Find out about projects which our ACFs have done - often in preparation for a DPhil/PhD application.

The genetics of inherited and sporadic colorectal cancer

Sequencing genes in a large cohort of individuals with cancer to identify carriers of genes implicated in cancer and characterise their phenotypes.

The pathology of the gastrointestinal tract

Investigating the role of metabolism in angiogenesis in a cancer cell line.

Breast cancer – diagnosis and outcomes

Investigating outcomes for women with ductal-carcinoma-in-situ (DCIS), one of the most common types of non-invasive breast tumour.

Ultrasound markers of successful pleurodesis in malignant pleural effusion

Finding ultrasound markers that may allow clinicians to identify patients whose pleurodesis has been successful and can be discharged home earlier than currently. 

Neural correlates of chronic pain in chronic pancreatitis

How can patients with chronic pancreatitis be more effectively treated in order to decrease the impact of their disease on everyday life?

Haematology and transfusion: acquired coagulopathies

What defines acquired coagulopathies in patients in intensive care? How adequately is risk of bleeding being assessed in patients in intensive care or with liver cirrhosis?

Outcomes following surgical interventions for congenital anomalies

How effective is prescribing prophylactic anti-reflux medication to reduce the rate of post-operative oesophageal stricture formation?

Diagnostic accuracy of speed bumps in acute appendicitis

Can patients’ reports of pain when going over speed bumps on the way to hospital help diagnose appendicitis?

Studying interactions between nutrition, health, and sustainability

What is the potential impact on chronic disease of a UK tax based on foods’ greenhouse gas emissions? Do health and sustainability goals align?

Longitudinal Analysis of Post-Hospital Discharge Rates of Suicide in Oxfordshire

Although the overall rate of death by suicide is falling, more than 4,300 people still die by suicide in England and Wales each year, with many more suicide attempts occurring.