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ACF Programme in Public Health

For more than 40 years, the Faculty of Public Health has been at the forefront of the development and transformation of the public health profession. 

The Oxford School of Public Health oversees all aspects of training in public health with Thames Valley Health Education. The Local Education and Training Board for Thames Valley encompasses Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. Overall coordination and management of the programme is provided by Dr Premila Webster, Training Programme Director and Head of School.

Academic clinical fellowship (ACF) posts have been created as part of an Integrated Training Pathway. The programme starts at ST1 and provides structured, comprehensive training over 3 years. The main objectives of the programme are to provide:

  • an entry point for doctors aspiring to a research-based career in public health as well as provide training in public health competencies leading to a CCT
  • academic training and support to enable entry into appropriate public health research posts.

Each ACF is assigned a mentor (one of the Division’s senior academic clinicians) and an academic supervisor and ‘service’ trainer. The University provides an excellent environment for multi-disciplinary research and teaching, and members of the Department play a diverse range of roles regionally, nationally and internationally in public health. 

Structure of the training programme

The first stage of generic specialty training requires the acquisition of core service skills.  ACF registrars complete their requirements of 1 year in ‘service’ public health placements within the Thames Valley and 3 months in health protection, followed by intensive academic training including the selection of appropriate research projects. 

Initially the registrar will be expected to undertake the MSc in Global Health Sciences at Oxford University, unless a similar qualification is held pre-training, and to complete the MFPH examinations at the end of 24 months.     

It will be expected that:

  • the ‘service’ and health protection competencies are achieved at the end of 36 months, and 
  • by the end of the post, the Registrar will be successful in obtaining a research fellowship and pursue a DPhil (or, if applicable, in obtaining a post-doctoral award).

 Last reviewed: May 2015


profiles of ACF doctors in Public Health

Dr Olaa Mohamed-Ahmed


Photo credit: IMG_0236 via photopin (license) unchanged