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Project researcher: Dr Dominic Marshall, Academic Foundation Doctor

Dominic’s two fields of research during his AFP were survival and care practices within Intensive Care, and mortality rates for a range of diseases over time and internationally. 


Dominic worked with the Critical Care Research Group, in a team which looked at “conditional survival”, a novel metric for understanding how probability of future survival changes over an ICU admission. The team are also looking at a collaboration between the UK and United States, with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, comparing ventilation practices. They constructed research databases and used statistical analysis and data science.


Dominic also co-lead a group of researchers in the analysis of mortality rates for a range of diseases, between countries and over the last 30 years, to identify trends and international differences in disease burden. One of the ongoing research projects in this area has demonstrated that the UK is a significant outlier for high mortality from respiratory disease. These projects have led to publications in the European Respiratory Journal, Respiratory research, the British Journal of Cancer and Circulation.

August 2018