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How to apply for a Clinical Lectureship (CL) at Oxford 

Details of the available CLs for the next round of recruitment nationally are listed on the NIHR Academy (National Institute of Health and Care Research Trainees Co-ordinating Centre) website.

For current Oxford vacancies see Oxfords' University Jobs website.

More information: Our CLs programme


During a CL post you are likely to require funding towards conference attendance and research expenses (e.g. consumables and research assistant salaries).

Our CLs are eligible for OUCAGS' own funding towards conference and research expenses (see Our CLs for details).

The University of Oxford and the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust also have relevant funding schemes, such as the The John Fell Fund and the Oxfordshire Health Services Research Committee Grant.

National funding bodies have a number of applicable schemes, too. We provide guidance on these to our academic doctors.