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Academic medicine and surgery: why and how?


Why academic medicine?

Shape the future of medicine.

Developments in biomedicine, biopathology and technology are opening up a universe of possibilities. New and more advanced research questions can be asked. This promises a step change in our capacity to prognosticate and prevent, diagnose and treat disease.

Clinical academics will be at the heart of these developments. OUCAGS aims to provide the best possible programme for the best possible people, so they can deliver the benefits of our developing understanding.

Listen to Dr Fleming, OUCAGS Founding Director, on the importance of encouraging more clinical academics

 Dr Ken Fleming on the importance of encouraging more clinical academics

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What is academic medicine like?

Enjoy variety and stimulation.

Clinical academics combine research and teaching with clinical duties. They deliver patient care whilst conducting, publishing and disseminating their research, and teaching students and health professionals.

Clinical academic jobs vary in the amount of time allocated to each responsibility. This offers a satisfying level of variety and flexibility.

Find out about the careers and experiences of our academic doctors. 

Or listen to Prof Buchan, Head of Medical Sciences Division, on reasons for choosing academic medicine:

Professor Alastair Buchan, Head of Medical Sciences Division, on a career as a clinical academic.

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How do I become an academic?

Grab the right opportunity.

Choose an undergraduate medical degree with a research element, or join an academic foundation programme. 

For specialty training, seek an academic clinical fellowship or, after your PhD/DPhil, a clinical lectureship.

Doing a PhD/DPhil is essential - and possible even if you have not been in an academic programme or trained in the UK. 

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