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Eligibility and application process

  • What are the eligibility criteria for the Oxford ASFP? Please look at last year’s application pack, particularly the person specification, to get an idea. 
  • When and where are Academic Specialised Foundation Programme posts advertised? Posts are advertised in the summer on the Oxford Deanery website.
  • What happens if I apply to the ASFP but my application is unsuccessful? You will automatically be included in the Foundation Programme application process. 

The ASFP research project

Can I set up my own ASFP research project, or must I apply to existing projects? 

At Oxford you can set up your own project in whatever area interests you – provided you find someone to supervise you. Supervisors can be from a range of University departments or research themes.

Most of our ASFP doctors organise their own research projects: they talk to a range of potential supervisors and work out what they want to do. Sometimes this might even be more than one project.

We do have some existing projects and can help out – if things fall through, or don’t work out.

More information 

View more FAQs on the national Foundation Programme website.

View our pages about the Academic Specialised Foundation Programme.