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Project researcher: Dr Jaclyn Tan, Academic Specialised Foundation Programme

Dermatology prescribing and psycho-dermatology

Jaclyn has a keen interest in dermatology and management/policy.

During her ASFP, Jaclyn created Trust-wide dermatology prescribing guidelines for the Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) NHS Trust under the mentorship of Dr Rubeta Matin and Prof James Fullerton. She won a QIP (quality improvement project) prize from the Trust for her work.

In addition, Jaclyn is currently working with Dr Tess McPherson on several psycho-dermatology projects involving adolescents with chronic skin conditions. She has recently obtained ethics approval for her work and will continue to work on this beyond the ASFP whilst she pursues her Internal Medical Training. The team has already setup an award-winning specialist dermatology service for young people with embedded psychological support and plan to expand on this.

Other work

During her ASFP, Jaclyn also published and presented other work concurrently:

May 2025