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Our ‘Introduction to Medical Research: Essential Skills’ course provides an overview of key steps and common methods in medical research and its publication.

The course is provided by OUCAGS in collaboration with the EQUATOR Network, an expert provider in health research education. It is available to Oxford Foundation School doctors free of charge. Other medical doctors and allied health professionals working within Health Education Thames Valley (HEE TV) may also apply. 

The course is divided into four modules which run over four Saturday mornings during Michaelmas Term, at the John Radcliffe Hospital:

  • Research planning: before you start your research project - this module lays the foundation for getting involved in medical research, from basic research conduct principles through to building the evidence base underpinning a research project
  • Research design and protocols - this module introduces the main types of study design and the skills required to critically appraise a research study, and explores the practicalities of writing a protocol
  • Statistical thinking - this module introduces the basics of medical statistics, such as understanding sampling, and making inferences from samples to populations
  • Research publication and dissemination - this module covers the process of getting your research published in peer-reviewed journals or presented at conferences

To find out when the next courses will be run and be put on the course's mailing list, email  


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