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Quality of reporting in dermatological literature - Analysing the reporting of clinician surveys


Mobile health applications - Developing a mobile application for health and care workers to share patient information via smartphone


Intensive care databases and international comparative research - Survival and care practices within Intensive Care, and mortality rates for a range of diseases over time and internationally 


Primary Health Care research - Experiences from the Behavioural Medicine Group


Working with the HIV research group - Mother-to-child HIV transmission: understanding the selection biases underlying successful perinatal infection


Systematic literature review - the effects of antimalarial drugs on cardiac adverse events - To determine whether antimalarial drugs, particularly quinoline antimalarials, caused cardiovascular side effects such as prolongation of the QT interval on the electrocardiogram.


Research with the Oxford Tropical Network group Developing estimates of the newborn disease burden for Nairobi City County in collaboration with the Kenyan Medical Research Institute (KEMRI-Wellcome Trust)

Genetic variations in type 2 diabetes risk and associated traits - Looking at genes related to islet cell development and type 2 diabetes risk, and analysing sequencing data to determine possible expression quantitative trait loci (eQTLs) related to type 2 diabetes risk

Genetic mechanisms in kidney cancer - What genetic mechanisms contribute to the formation and survival of kidney cancer cells?

Orthopaedic research - Investigating the outcomes of patients with the Oxford unicompartmental knee replacement, the impact of Daylight Savings Time transitions on road injuries, and the effect of weather conditions on trauma workload.

Dual vector approaches in retinal gene therapy - How can the expression of dual adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors being trialled in Stargardt’s inherited juvenile macular degeneration be optimised?

The pathogenesis of IgG4-Related Disease - Investigating what characterises this newly-recognised, multi-organ, inflammatory disease, and what genes might be involved, and how.

High-fidelity simulation programmes for medical education - Developing simulations of surgical emergencies and on-call for the training of Foundation Year 1 doctors.

Strengthening capacity for antimicrobial stewardship in Vietnam - Addressing the issue of antibiotic resistance in a low-income country where limited resources constrain access to newer, more expensive drugs.

Effects of electronic decision support systems on blood usage - It is crucial that transfusion blood products are used carefully. Can electronic decision support systems be helpful? Could they lead to patients having blood products withheld inappropriately? 

Oncology research - Investigating small cell lung cancer and the value of Germ Cell Tumour Multidisciplinary Teams in affecting patient management.

New therapeutic antibodies - Could agonistic antibodies that activate inhibitory pathways in lymphocytes be developed for therapeutic purposes?

Congenital malformations and ovarian cysts - Investigating congenital malformations, and treatment for prenatally diagnosed ovarian cysts