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OUCAGS Executive Committee - Profiles


*Prof Chris Pugh, Professor of Renal Medicine


Foundation Programme Academic Leads

Sarah Rowland-JonesProf Sarah Rowland-Jones, Professor of Immunology


Kate Saunders

Dr Kate Saunders - Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Researcher


Academic Training Programme Directors (ATPDs)

Susanna Dunachie

Prof Susanna Dunachie - Associate Professor and

Honorary Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology 


Paul JohnsonProf Paul Johnson - Professor of Paediatric Surgery


Anne KiltieProf Anne Kiltie - Professor of Experimental Clinical Oncology


Alison SimmonsProf Alison Simmons - Professsor of Gastroenterology


Dr Matthew SnapeDr Matthew Snape -  Consultant in General Paediatrics and Vaccinology


OUHT Director of Medical Education

Professor Peter B SullivanProf Peter Sullivan - Associate Professor in Paediatrics


OUCAGS Administration Team


 Dr Denise Best - Associate Director and Academic Clinical Careers Manager


Joana Lopes

Joana Lopes - Research and Professional Development Officer, OUCAGS


Kat Dickinson - Research Education and Training Administrator


Gemma WoodleyGemma Woodley - Administrator, OUCAGS


Sally BeerSally BeerResearch Education and Training Coordinator, NIHR BRC