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We exist to promote and advance clinical academic careers. We do this by supporting and strengthening the clinical academic training of Oxford's Academic Specialised Foundation Programme doctors, Academic Clinical Fellows, Clinical Research Fellows and Clinical Lecturers.

OUCAGS was founded in 2009, in partnership with the Oxford Deanery and NHS Education South Central (NESC). We continue as a partnership between the University, the Deanery (now part of NHS England), with strong links to the Oxford NIHR Biomedical Research Centre (BRC). 

We were established in the wake of the Modernising Medical Careers Review, which highlighted the need for a thriving clinical academic community with transparent and structured career paths. We provide an infrastructure  for doctors on the integrated academic training  (IAT) pathway and the many others on different academic career paths.  


The UK has a remarkable history of excellence in medical research that has benefited people around the world, and to which Oxford has made a significant contribution. To build on this record of distinction, it is essential to promote translational research from bench to bedside, develop innovative healthcare practice, and deliver world-class medical education.

These endeavours require talented, committed clinical academics. It has therefore become a national priority to develop the medical research faculty of the future. OUCAGS contributes to this goal through a programme that explicitly values and protects the development of academic excellence.


Find out more about OUCAGS' establishment and operation in an article in Clinical Medicine, 2014 Vol 14, No 1: 38–41.