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Why come to Oxford? - World-class training in an ideal location

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Oxford is a nexus for world-class research and medical education.

The University, in partnership with local NHS Trusts, provides state-of-the-art facilities for research and patient care. It is also committed to providing excellent medical education and clinical training, alongside the Deanery.

The University’s ambition is to foster healthcare innovation locally, nationally and globally. It is at the forefront of medical science, and its impressive range of departments deliver cutting-edge research and teaching.

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Our programmes

Our programmes support and strengthen the training of Oxford’s academic doctors.

We value and protect the development of both academic excellence and clinical competencies.

We offer a programme of seminars, assistance with identifying funding opportunities and careers guidance.

We closely liaise with clinical supervisors to ensure that our doctors  achieve at a consistently high level, so delivering the greatest benefit to patients.

We offer posts in a range of specialties.

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Oxford is a beautiful, cosmopolitan and well-connected city.

Oxford is full of history and charm but within easy travelling distance of major cities and airports. There are many parks and open spaces in and around the city, scattered between both ancient and modern buildings.

Oxford is also a cosmopolitan city drawing people from all over the world to live, work and study. This is reflected in the vast range of restaurants and supermarkets catering for every nationality and taste.

There are numerous museums, theatres, and live music and classic concert venues. Many Oxford colleges run their own exhibitions as well as theatrical and musical productions.

Living in Oxford and Daily Info are good sources of information. More information can also be found on the University pages for visitors.