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The ASFP combines clinical training with the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in research.

what is the ASFP?

Foundation training is the next stage after qualifying from medical school. Foundation training is organised nationally by the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO). The new Specialised Foundation Programme introduced in 2021 offers time to explore research, teaching and leadership/management skills in addition to the competences outlined in the Foundation Programme Curriculum. Each Foundation School will offer different specialised posts, Oxford will focus on research/academic specialised posts.

Entering  academic specialised foundation training means protected research time, during the two-year clinical training programme, to explore academic medicine.

The aim is to equip trainees for future training for an academic career. The ASFP provides an opportunity to achieve core clinical competencies alongside a research and academic curriculum that develops additional skills in research, teaching and management.

View further information on the national Foundation Programme (UKFPO) website. You can also join the programme if you qualified from a non-UK medical school; check the UKFPO website for details.

Or, find out about our ASFP in Why Oxford? - Our ASFP.

Where next, after an ASFP?

On completion of the ASFP, doctors may apply for an academic clinical fellowship (ACF), or further clinical training.

A few undertake a DPhil/PhD at this stage.