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A doctorate is an important step in any clinical academic career. At any one time, numerous doctors are undertaking a DPhil at Oxford.

What Oxford offers

Most clinical DPhil students will be enrolled in programmes within the the Medical Sciences Division (MSD), and able to benefit from the Division's wide-ranging programme of skills training.

Clinical DPhil students benefit from:

  • access to the excellent and stimulating training environment at Oxford 
  • information about funding sources and support with applications and interviews
  • University events, including the OUCAGS Forum seminars for sharing research findings, ideas, and know-how. (Join the OUCAGS mailing list for Forum and other information.

The divisional website for mathematical, physical and life sciences provides information about doing a DPhil in the Division of Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences (MPLS).

more information

Read Clinical Academic Pathway for generic information about doing a doctorate and developing a clinical academic career. 

See our Apply pages for details of DPhil/PhD funding opportunities.

Check our FAQs.

View some of the events recently organised or hosted by OUCAGS.


Last reviewed: April 2017