Oxford University Clinical Academic Graduate School

Oxford University Clinical Academic Graduate School (OUCAGS) was founded in partnership with the Oxford Deanery and the then NHS South Central to promote and advance clinical academic careers. Oxford’s world-leading biomedical and clinical research environment offers outstanding opportunities to combine comprehensive clinical, academic and research training for those with the ambition and motivation to shape the future of medicine. Find out more...

What is Clinical Academic Medicine and why is it important?

A career in Clinical Academic Medicine combines research and teaching in parallel with clinical duties. Whilst continuing to deliver patient care, Clinical Academics perform, publish and disseminate their research, and teach ... Find out more...

The clinical and academic training environment in Oxford

The NHS Trusts and the University have been engaged in a wide-ranging capital building programme to ensure state-of-the-art facilities for research and patient care. The vision to foster healthcare innovation..... Find out more...

Professor Peter Rothwell

Director Oxford Stroke Prevention Research Unit

On the importance of clinical research.

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Featured Project

Longitudinal Analysis of Post-Hospital Discharge Rates of Suicide in Oxfordshire

Although the overall rate of death by suicide is falling, more than 4,300 people still die by suicide in England and Wales each year, with many more suicide attempts occurring. [read more]

other featured projects

OUCAGS initiates study of the career plans of clinical DPhil students

Clinical DPhil students will, at the end of their programme, be highly-qualified clinicians who can make an unparalleled contribution to the future of medicine. However, ... [read more]

OUCAGS receives Teaching Excellence Award

OUCAGS has been awarded a Teaching Excellence Award 2012 by the Medical Sciences Division of the University of Oxford. Prof David Paterson, Associate Head of ... [read more]

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