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Dr Rhea Saksena, a former NIHR ACF affiliated with OUCAGS, is the 2024 Turner-Warwick Lecturer Scheme winner for the Oxford and Thames Valley region. She is due to present her winning lecture at the forthcoming ‘Update in medicine’ Birmingham conference of the Royal College of Physician (RCP) in June 2024.

The Turner-Warwick lecturer scheme is named after the RCP’s first female president, Professor Dame Margaret Turner-Warwick. It commemorates her life-time achievements through recognising the exceptional work of RCP’s trainees in the UK. The scheme showcases trainees’ contributions to healthcare and their ability to communicate and reach across wide-ranging medical training specialties and levels.

Dr Saksena, a former NIHR ACF in Internal Medicine Training/Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus, won the competition with the lecture titled: ‘The cost of living crisis and poverty-associated diabetes in the United Kingdom’.

Dr Saksena will deliver her lecture at the ‘Update in medicine’ Birmingham 2024 conference on 6th June 2024 (download the programme).

The next Turner-Warwick lecturer scheme is planned for 2026, with abstract submissions opening in 2025 (see the Turner-Warwick Lectures page).