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Doctors Nayia Petousi, Akshay Shah and Nick Talbot are part of the team who won the Royal Society of Chemistry’s (RSC) 2022 Analytical Division Horizon Prize: Sir George Stokes Award.

Adult male shown breathing through the mouth into a scientific device, through a tube on the device itself.

The biennial Sir George Stokes Award is given for outstanding and sustained innovation in the field of photonics, spectroscopy, molecular biology or nanotechnology. The RSC’s 2022 Sir George Stokes Award went to The Molecular Flow Sensor Team, a multidisciplinary team comprising chemists, physiologists, computer modellers and clinicians at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr Nayia Petousi and Dr Nick Talbot, both OUCAGS alumni, and Dr Akshay Shah, OUCAGS CL, are amongst the clinicians working within The Molecular Flow Sensor Team. The award recognises the team's development of a molecular flow sensor for non-invasive breath analysis, a sensor that gives highly precise measurements relating to respiratory function and cardiac output. It has been used already for research studies investigating different respiratory-related diseases, and promises to be an effective tool for the early diagnosis and management of lung disease.

Read more on the NIHR Oxford BRC site, or the Royal Society of Chemistry’s pages.

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