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Profiles from some on our academic track

ACF in Cardiology

Dr Fielder Camm (2017)

ACF in Dermatology

Dr Antonia Lloyd-Lavery (2014)

ACF in Emergency Medicine

Dr Justine Loh (2014)

ACF in General Practice

Dr Cathy Scott (2018)

ACF in General Practice

Dr Nicholas Jones (2017)

ACF in General Practice

Dr Rachel Brettell (2016)

ACF in Histopathology

Dr Richard Colling (2014)

ACF in Histopathology

Dr Philip Macklin (2014)

ACF in Medical Oncology

Dr Sarah Briggs (2014)

ACF in Paediatrics

Dr Mimi Hou (2017)

ACF in Psychiatry - Old Age

Dr Simon Vann Jones (2015)

ACF in Radiology

Dr Mitch Chen (2018)

ACF in Respiratory Medicine

Dr Ahmed Yousuf (2014)

ACF in Rheumatology

Dr Laura Watts (2016)

ACF in Neurology - Sophie Binks

Dr Sophie Binks (2018)

ACF in Surgery - Paediatric

Dr David Fawkner-Corbett (2016)

ACF in Surgery - Plastic

Dr Jeremy Rodrigues (2015)

ACF in Trauma and Orthopaedics

Dr Adrian Kendal (2016)