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Profiles from some on our academic track

CL in Acute Medicine and Intensive Care

Dr Timothy Bonnici

CL in Neurology

Dr Adam Handel

CL in Gastroenterology

Dr John Ryan

CL in General Practice

Dr Clare Taylor

CL in Geratology

Dr George Harston

CL in Haematology

Dr Onima Chowdhury

CL in Histopathology

Dr Kezia Gaitskell

CL in Infectious Diseases

Dr Nicole Stoesser

CL in Medical Oncology

Dr Lennard Lee

CL in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Dr Joris Hemelaar

CL in Paediatrics

Dr Simon Drysdale

CL in Paediatrics

Dr James Gilchrist

CL in Psychiatry - Old Age

Dr Ivan Koychev

CL in Psychiatry

Dr Charlotte Allan

CL in Respiratory Medicine

Dr Nick Talbot

CL in Surgery - General

Dr Simon Knight

CL in Surgery - General

Dr Regent Lee

CL in Surgery - Plastic - Fadi Issa

Dr Fadi Issa

CL in Urology

Dr Sarah Howles